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Be Part of the Story

Each youth that come into our care come to us with a story. Their stories are full of accounts of abuse, neglect, rejection and difficult times. Open Arms’ goal is change the outcomes of their story. We long to inject Jesus Christ into their story. To introduce them to His story and how He can heal, love, forgive and provide strength to live out their story with the best possible ending. You can be a part of their story. You can interject your life and your story to make a difference in the lives of these youth. Most families will never need Open Arms. But what about those children who do? Who will care for them? Who will help them write their stories knowing that Jesus loves them?


Current Needs

  • visit our Amazon Wishlist for the most up to date needs



Getting Involved with Open Arms

There are many ways that you can get involved with Open Arms. We are excited about the possibility to partner with you in this exciting ministry. Below are some ways that you can get plugged in. Check them out and see if God may be calling you to join us!

Mission Trips

Each year, groups of all sizes and all ages journey to Open Arms to use their gifts and their muscle to serve our children and our ministry. Every home needs work and because we provide homes (as well as education) for abandoned, neglected and delinquent youth, there are always many tasks on our Honey-do list. There is no charge to bring a mission group. Housing can be arranged. Meals are provided. Groups of all ages are welcome. We have various work projects for those with specific skills to those with no skills at all. For a complete list of work projects or for more information, please email Sheila at

Vacation Bible School

Let Open Arms help you with your VBS needs!  We have experienced servants who are willing to teach a class, lead a group, help plan or lead singing, etc. We would love to be a part of your VBS.


Also available is a five-part VBS DVD (that can be shown daily). It is geared for kids so they can learn about Open Arms. It is presented by young people who were once at Open Arms. If you would like a copy, please email or call our office.

Fundraising Events

You can help Open Arms by committing to be a part of our Fundraising Events. To learn more about these events, check out the Info & Events page, or contact Alyse Rick by email


There are lots of ways you can volunteer with Open Arms. We are always looking for great people to be a part of the story that God is writing here. You can contact Sheila Corey at to find out about all our volunteering opportunities.

Praying and Giving

We are always looking for great prayer warriors to be a part of the ministry of Open Arms.  Would you consider praying for this ministry regularly?


In addition, we are appreciative of any monetary gifts to further our ministry.  You can donate to Open Arms by visiting our Donation page.

In-Kind Giving

We are always happy to accept donations, especially paper products, that can help lower the operating costs of the Miriam Home and HEbron Home. If your church would like to do a once a year paper drive for Open Arms, contact Please visit our Amazon Wishlist for the most up to date in-kind donation needs.

OACM does not discriminate and operates without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex and disability. OACM is committed to upholding all laws related to Equal Employment Opportunity.

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