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About Open Arms

SINCE 1985, Open Arms has been committed to serving neglected, abused, and troubled youth, by providing homes and education to those who need hope in a desperate time in their lives. We exist to provide HOPE.


This mission is based upon our belief that all youth have fundamental rights to a healthy home environment, good parents, and a wholesome family life that is God focused. Our mission is to exalt the Lord by serving and sharing Christ through meeting the needs of others.


Residential Behavioral Specialist: 

Open Arm is seeking high energy, ministry minded individuals who are open to a challenge and driven to help support youth who have experienced abuse and neglect and exhibit behavioral and mental health challenges as a result.  A (Residential) Behavioral Specialist provides direct care and supervision to youth living in a residential setting and takes on the role of a therapeutic parent to the youth living in the home.  Job responsibilities include routine care and supervision of children as well as assisting youth in overcoming behavioral challenges.  Residential Behavioral Specialist teach and model healthy coping skills and provide support and encouragement to youth as they learn to implement the skills.   Residential Behavioral Specialists must have patience, empathy, and be willing to be persistent as the youth makes changes in their life.  While job responsibilities are challenging at times, the job is also rewarding as you are able to make a difference in the lives of youth.  Open Arms is a faith-based organization and offers a ministry-minded work atmosphere.  Both full and part-time positions are available.   Beginning wages start at $13-15/hour with opportunities for advancement.  Health care benefits, life insurance, and paid time off are available for full time employees. 

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