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Program Description

  • Biological family members are involved in a youth's program whenever possible.

  • Individual and/or group counseling offered on campus in Switz City with a consulting therapist available every week for assessments, and evaluations.

  • A wholesome family environment.

  • On-grounds tutoring offered twice weekly (or as needed).

  • Participation in community activities in order to enrich themselves by giving to others is encouraged.

  • Independent living skills are taught.

  • Church-related activities are enjoyed.


Take a virtual tour of the Miriam Home.

The Miriam Home

The Miriam Home has the philosophy and subsequent approach to child care that often provides a troubled youth with their first positive parenting experience. Those youth in the Miriam Home, on average, have experienced eight other placements before Open Arms. They may have been abandoned, neglected, and/or physically/sexually abused (most often by family). Thus by the time they arrive, they may be extremely angry, defensive, hostile, and aggressive. They have learned how to survive by either turning their anger outwardly on the world or inwardly upon themselves. 


Although we are licensed for youth ages 6-21, we specialize in female youth ages 14 and older, and youth with attachment issues. We work with youth who have a history of past alcohol/drug abuse, conduct disorders, sexual offenses, running away, and truancy. Structure and reality therapy are an important part of the environment provided for them. Changes for these youth come because they are given the opportunity to learn how to take control of their lives. As they learn how their choices affect their present life, the youth begin to see how present decisions affect their future. Change occurs because the youth decides to change.

Program Philosophy

The Open Arms Residential Treatment Facility's program is reality based. The agency believes all behavior has meaning. Therefore, it addresses each youth’s issues that have proven to be destructive by assisting the youth to carefully consider the decisions they are making in their life. Open Arms firmly believes that every youth has the ability to make good choices.


We believe all youth have the fundamental right to a wholesome, stimulating family atmosphere.  Therefore, the program is designed to provide a safe, secure, stable setting within the context of a caring family home.

Facility Information

The Miriam Home is a two-story 10,000 square foot home that houses up to twelve youth. Upstairs, along with the bedrooms and bathrooms, lies a large family style dining room, a kitchen, a laundry room, a living room and a level room.  Downstairs lies the tutoring room, an activity room with exercise equipment and a ping pong table. 


For more information please contact Julie Morehouse at or at 812-659-2533 .

Hear a testimony from Shelby, a former Miriam Home resident.

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