Will you help protect Open Arms and our children from the impact of coronavirus?
The primary goal for the last eight weeks has been for the safety of the staff, teachers, foster parents and children.
As we move into the future, we must also consider the financial implications of the virus and the potentially damaging impact on Open Arms. As you may know, for the safety of everyone, Open Arms closed the doors of their buildings to the public. Open Arms and state case workers have been visiting their foster children and Miriam Home residents by Zoom. Therapy and med checks for the children has been accomplished by Zoom. Students have been conducting class via Google Classroom. Any staff that is around children or youth must take their temperature before entering a building. We
are happy to report there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus at Open Arms!
Even though the doors have been locked, our ministry to all those we serve has not stopped. Our concern now is what happens when we open our doors. These children, youth and students still need us to keep them healthy and to lead them to success.
I am asking you to join with other faithful donors to meet this immediate need. We discovered the cost for supplies will be close to $1,500 per month.

Protect our students, residents, caseworkers and foster care families by
purchasing Person Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE will be gowns, masks, gloves,
hand sanitizer, bleach wipes, disinfectant spray, thermometers, etc. PPE will be
required by the state when we are allowed to open our doors to the public and when our case managers begin face to face visits with foster children.

Open Arms is able to perform its ministry because of faithful donors like you and our donors have never disappointed us. Thank you so much for keeping our kids healthy and safe.

Take a virtual tour of the HEbron Home

SINCE 1985, Open Arms has been committed to serving neglected, abused, and troubled youth, by providing homes and education to those who need hope in a desperate time in their lives. We exist to provide HOPE. This mission is based upon our belief that all youth have fundamental rights to a healthy home environment, good parents, and a wholesome family life that is God focused. Our mission is to exalt the Lord by serving and sharing Christ through meeting the needs of others.

Miriam Home

The Miriam Home is a two-story 10,000 square foot home that houses up to twelve youth. Upstairs, along with the bedrooms and bathrooms, lies a large family style dining room, a kitchen, a laundry room, a living room and a level room. Downstairs lies the tutoring room, an activity room with exercise equipment and a ping pong table.




Children in foster care have been removed from their home due to abuse and neglect. They are in need of loving temporary homes to keep them safe until they are reunited with family, are adopted or move into independent living.  In other words they are modern day orphans in need of a family.



Turning Point

Turning Point is an Adult Basic Education (A.B.E) & High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation Program operated by Open Arms. Turning Point Education Centers are dedicated to maintaining the highest degree of academic excellence within the context of a trusting, respectful, and moral environment.


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