About Open Arms

SINCE 1985, Open Arms has been committed to serving neglected, abused, and troubled youth, by providing homes and education to those who need hope in a desperate time in their lives. We exist to provide HOPE.


This mission is based upon our belief that all youth have fundamental rights to a healthy home environment, good parents, and a wholesome family life that is God focused. Our mission is to exalt the Lord by serving and sharing Christ through meeting the needs of others.


Health Pathway

Turning Point Education Center has partnered with Greene County Health to offer you an opportunity to earn a certification as a Home Health Aide while working towards your High School Equivalency or Remediation classes. Clinical training will be held at Greene County General Hospital. Student must be 18 years of age, score a minimum of 7.0 on an English and Math assessment., and be able to pass background checks. Students will receive two sets of scrubs and a blood pressure kit at NO CHARGE.

  • Home Health Aide Certification

  • CPR & First Aid Certificate

  • Universal Precautions (Blood borne pathogens) Certificate

  • Food Safety Certificate

My Cook Pathway

If you are a current or future employee at Cook, you can earn your H.S.E. while working at Cook part time. Work 28 hours a week and take classes 10 hours a week. Once you have passed the test for your H.S.E. and demonstrated success in your part-time work role, you will be offered a full-time position in:

  • Production

  • Quality Control

  • Packaging

  • Warehouse

How it works.

You will:

  • Work approximately 28 hours per week.

  • Work in an assigned position that does not require a high school diploma.

  • Attend approximately seven weeks of prep classes given by TPEC

  • Take the TASC

Cook will:

  • Provide part-time employment during the prep classes

  • Pay for the TASC.

  • Hire you in a full-time position once you pass the test and demonstrate success in your part-time role.

  • Provide 401(k) and quarterly bonus benefits while you are working part-time.

For more information on either program contact Michelle Ellis at 812-659-2533 ext. 226

Switz City Location Phone: 812-659-2533     Switz City Address: 4516 West State Road 54, Bloomfield, IN 47424 

• Lyons Location Phone 812-659-2001    Lyons Address: 2417 S 800 W, Lyons, IN 47443

• P.O. Box 271, Switz City, Indiana 47465  •  Fax: 812-659-2477    


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